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Mardi Gras 2017 is February 28, 2017!


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2018 Parade Changes
Posted: March 23, 2017

At today's meeting of the Mayor's Mardi Gras Advisory Council it was announced that the "Canal Street Loop," will be eliminated for the 2018 parade season. The twenty parades that had used this part of their route will now take a right hand turn off of St. Charles Avenue onto Canal Street.

Posted: March 07, 2017

So what kind of Carnival season was the 2017 edition? On balance, a fairly ordinary one once we subtract the horrible drunk driving incident that happened during the Endymion parade. The NOPD, EMS and the media deserve a lot of credit for how well they handled the incident.

This was a very healthy Carnival season, but not a record setting one. Crowds were generally good. The weather was good except for Twelfth Night (Joan of Arc postponed 24 hours) and on the first Friday of the official parade season as Oshun, Cleopatra and Eve rolled in the rain, while in Metairie Excalibur and Athena pushed their parades to the second weekend. Near record high temperatures greeted Fat Tuesday revelers.

The NBA All-Star game had a negligible affect on parades.

New Orleans parading krewe captains report in general that the NOPD, under the new leadership of Sgt. Andrew Palumbo, did a commendable job keeping the parades moving, without rushing them. However, float and tractor breakdowns continue to plague some parades.

It was a decent year for celebrities with Bret Micheals leading Orpheus, Kiss in Endymion and Jim Caviezel as Bacchus.

The addition of the baby duck floats in Muses was a big hit.

The tribute paid by the Rex organization to the St. Augustine Marching Band on the fiftieth anniversary of their first participation in their parade was very well received, as was the first appearance of the Half-Fast Walking Club without its leader and founder, Pete Fountain, who passed away last year.

The New Orleans Sanitation Department did an outstanding job again this year.

The growing popularity of alternative krewes is siphoning audiences and media attention from traditional parades that roll at the same time.

Family Gras needs a parade on Sunday afternoon in Metairie.

Satire was again a hot topic of conversation as d'Etat and Chaos hit local and national figures hard with their equal opportunity lampooning.

Riders (especially royalty) need to get off their cell phones once the parades roll.

Underage children are still marching in New Orleans parades.

Ladder restrictions are not being enforced.

The City made a lot of money and pissed off a lot of citizens and visitors by issuing 29,561 tickets, booting 397 vehicles and towing 729 vehicles on parade days.

If the City permits four day parades to roll on the first Sunday of the parade season, it would make sense to allow the krewes to select their starting time based upon seniority. None of these are supposed to be night parades but for the second consecutive year the 84 year-old Krewe of Alla paraded well into the dark. All the krewes could help by working harder to avoid breakdowns and by eliminating the number of extra units between floats, especially the dancing schools with the sound trucks.

Coming Attractions
Fat Tuesday is early next year-February 13.
How many parades will feature tricentennial themes?
Will construction in the Clearview Shopping Center parking lot move all Metairie parades to a new starting point?
Will the Athena parade move from Metairie to Terrytown?
Stay tuned.

Posted: March 04, 2017


Hardy Media Watch
Posted: February 21, 2017

WWL Radio
Live Wednesday with Garland noon-1PM
Parade previews 6:30 AM, 8:30 AM, Noon, 5:300 PM

Fox 8
Live Wednesday 815 AM, 400 PM, 500 PM newscasts
Live Thursday 400 PM, 500 PM newscasts
Live Friday Noon, 400 PM, 500 PM newscasts

During 9 PM Newscast Wednesday-feature on NOMTOC
During 9 PM Newscast Thursday-feature on Mid-City
During 9 PM Newscast Friday-feature on Iris

New Orleans Advocate
Daily parade previews plus features
Feb 22 Lydia and the Grand Duke-1872
Feb 23 Satire in parades dates to 1873
Feb 24 Modern Mardi Gras born160 years ago

Posted: February 16, 2017

Ready to roll! With the official parade season starting Friday, you will find me on radio, TV, in the newspaper and at the parades!


My parade preview reports start Friday and air daily at 6:30 AM, 8:30 AM, noon and 5:30 PM


My annual Carnival season preview appears Thursday in Beaucoup. Each parade day my parade previews will run, as will my Carnival features. This weekend’s subjects are Twelfth Night, Metairie Cemetery and King Cakes. For those interested in my columns from 2014-2016, all 30 of them are archived at The Advocate Website. Click here To view.

Fox 8 News

Thursday during the 9PM news, catch my feature on Blaine Kern.

Friday I’m on live at 8:15AM and during the 4PM and 5PM newscasts.

During Friday’s 9PM newscast, check out my feature on doubloon collector and Mardi Gras crazy man - Iggy Christiana

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